10 Things to be Hydrated and Gout Free

10 Things to be Hydrated and Gout Free

Gout and diet are two different things, but have the same meaning and purpose, especially during a sweaty summer, and you’re suffering so much from gout that you can’t even move and enjoy the sunlight. Even worse, there’s no water around because either you’re wary of dirty tap water or expensive bottled water prices. What if there was a way that can counter that stand.

Fortunately, there’s this list that can help you stay hydrated even without water, keep you safe from gout and diet your way to perfect health. These are foolproof and can help you gain your goal faster. Ladies and gentlemen and hold on to your hats, because here are the ten ways to stay hydrated when water’s not around.


1. Celery


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It’s more than just a piece of garnish in your set of Buffalo wings. With a high water content of 95 percent, the mystical celery is also high in fiber and very rich in vitamins and minerals like potassium and Vitamin K.


2. Fat-free or skim milk

Skim Milk

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For thousands of years, milk is always known as an excellent source of nutrients and a whole lot of calcium. But if you want to go a little healthier, fat-free milk or skim milk is fine.


3. Sports drinks

Sports Drinks

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Water is good and all since it helps your body cool down from all the body heat, but sad to say it doesn’t help you regain your strength since it doesn’t have enough vitamins and minerals. That’s where sports drinks come in, like the famous Gatorade made by the grandiose creators from the University of Florida. Sports drinks contain enough carbs, proteins, and electrolytes that can help you stay in the zone while working out.


4. Coffee


source: news247.info

Coffee dehydrates you… NOT! Not only it’ll keep you stay hydrated, it also makes your mind stay in shape and helps you stay active and reduce serious ailments with its high antioxidant content.


5. Lettuce


source: ndtv.com

These babies have a high water rate, especially iceberg lettuce with 96 percent water. These main ingredients to salad help you stay hydrated and stay healthy at the same time. Better start thinking of a tasty salad.


6. Strawberry


source: essentially-england.com

Shortcake aside, strawberries have 95 percent water that also helps stay hydrated and healthy. They’re also a great source of fiber and Vitamin C so better think about that strawberry shake that you’ve always wanted.


7. Smoothies


source: gimmesomeoven.com

Got fruit and veggies, especially water-filled? Then a smoothie is a great way to stay cool and healthy in that hot day. Find your best fruits and veggies like strawberries (see number 6), mangoes, carrots, and wheatgrass, and pump up that blender, then slurp your way to proper and exciting nutrition.


8. Cucumber


source: oregonlive.com

Cucumbers come from the seas, which explain the high water content of this delectable comestible. With 96 percent water, cucumbers are a great source of hydration and health, containing very high doses of Vitamin K, Vitamin B6, and Iron. It’s perfect for your shakes and the greatly awaited California roll.


9. Watermelon


source: blogspot.com

Does watermelon have water in it? Of course, you dummy! In fact, watermelon has 92 percent water, so it’s a great source of rehydration, especially during the summer. It’s also a healthy treat with its content of salt, calcium, magnesium, potassium, Vitamin A, and Vitamin C.


10. Coconut water

Coconut Water

source: organiceyourlife.com

It may be low in carbohydrates, but it’s high in potassium. If you’re in the beach and no bottled water nearby, have a coconut with a straw and occasionally an umbrella, and have a relaxing beach day as you feel the wind and hear the waves, and taste the earthiness of coconuts.

Summer is a really cruel mistress, especially when having an ailment like gout. You couldn’t enjoy your summer day with your joints creaking like a rusty toy. Not only these help you stay hydrated and healthy, but also keep you safe from gout, you don’t have to worry about a hot and aching summer ever again.

Having the perfect summer health requires greater mindset and greater benefits. You don’t have to worry about gout and diet to have a perfect summer. However, the greatest ingredient to a totally great summer is to spend more time with family, and that’s something not even the heat can pull you down. Just remember this, if there’s no water around, there’s always an alternative for you to stay cool and hydrated, feeling healthy, and gout free at the same time.


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