Take pride in small accomplishments

5 Ways to Keep the Temptation of Alcohol at Bay

For centuries, Gout had been associated with debauchery and greed. Most people who have been attacked by this condition were people from the upper class—the nobles and a few wealthy merchants. Since most of them have a history of dining and drinking wine excessively, Gout is said to be linked to such decadent lifestyle, thus people have been following a Gout treatment diet in the hopes of curing the condition.

Although medical field was not as advanced at the time this assumption was formed, it is however true that Gout can be caused by what we eat or drink. Excessive alcohol drinking is one of the main reasons why some people acquire Gout later in life.


Aside from damaging your liver, Alcohol can slow down your metabolism of urates or uric acid. It is present in most processed foods, nuts, legumes, red meat, and many other types of food. When your body can’t excrete excess urates, it can deposit in your joints—which can later cause the pain we now call Gout.

Increasing alcohol intake is a big feat when it comes to a Gout treatment diet. People who drink occasionally may not find this as a problem, but for those who drink alcohol almost every day, it may be hard to adjust to an alcohol-less life.

However, there’s no need to rush! Simply follow our step by step guide and you’ll conquer that vice slowly but surely.

1.) Find something to fall back on

Find something to fall back on

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Something that can keep you busy will take off your mind from wanting to drink. Perhaps a new craft, hobby like fishing, or routine can keep you occupied and it will keep the temptation to drink at bay—for your own good! You can occupy yourself with a few, light exercises (which is good for your health too), you could also occupy yourself with writing or painting, if art is your thing.


2.) Be honest! Tell family and friends about your condition

Tell family and friends about your condition

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It would be hard for anybody to achieve the goals of a gout treatment diet or to stop a vice if there is no support from people who surrounds you constantly. Being honest about your condition will make them understand and be cautious when special occasions arise. They can also help you prepare the right meals, and keep track of your diet goals too!


3.) Keep yourself busy, create new goals!

Create New Goals

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While your new Gout treatment diet may have new goals of its own (i.e. losing weight healthily, or keeping uric acid level low), you also need a different goal that can give you more motivation. This is however tied to number one. Like if you find writing as a new hobby, you can aim on publishing a book, or maintaining a blog!


4.) This is a sign of progress

This is a sign of progress

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Others would feel pitiful for themselves once they fell on a life that’s not allowed to dine and wine freely as before. But it shouldn’t be viewed as that. Although, you need to make adjustments, it means that you are now taking charge of your OWN health—and life!


5.) Take pride in small accomplishments

Take pride in small accomplishments

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Small accomplishments—like not having a Gout attack for weeks, keeping your targeted weight, or evading alcoholic drinks for months—they may not matter for other people who might still be perfectly healthy, but they are already a feat, for not everyone has the determination and strength to go that far.

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