Diet Tip Off: 5 Sources of High Fructose Corn Syrup

For people who suffer from gout, there are certain factors that should be considered and be taken with great consequence. Similar to other health diets that focus on a particular health path and treatment, diet for gout patients also had its distinct route that it treads on. Included in this are the Foods to Avoid for Gout and those that are encouraged to consume and maintain. For gout patients, their meal program generally includes a low-fructose diet. Gout patients are assisted with this diet considering that studies have revealed that there is a strong correlation between a high fructose diet and gout. To avoid the occurrence of this heath problem, it is essential that you know the different sources of food that contains a high amount of this and for you to refrain from consuming it. Below are the sources of high fructose corn syrup.


1. Soft Drinks and Fruit Punch

Soda and Juice Punch


Various soft drinks and fruit punches are first on the list of those food sources high in fructose corn syrup. High fructose corn syrup principally contributes as sweeteners when it comes to manufacturing these drinks. Furthermore, taking into account the gradual increase of bottle sizes over the years, soda drinks has been considered as one of the most common sources of high fructose corn syrup in America. Sadly, when people decides to dismiss the consumption of soda in their diet, they usually move into the sphere of consuming fruit juices which may sound “healthy” on the outside but holds the same rate to that of the soft drinks when it comes to high fructose corn syrup content. A healthy alternative for this is going for fresh fruit juices. Opt for those drinks that are made from pure fruit juices with no added sweeteners.


2. Breakfast Grains

Breakfast Cereals


There is no wonder why a number of people opt to have breakfast cereals in the morning. They are easy to prepare, requires a little amount of time and actually makes you feel full – a cost effective solution for individuals who does not have the time to spare in the morning. Nonetheless, most breakfast cereals contain high fructose corn syrup in them making them unhealthy for people with gout. Unfortunately, even those advertised as “healthy” breakfast grains or “organic” are not exempted to this high fructose corn syrup content. Although it may not apply to all organic breakfast grains, it is still important to read the label just to make sure.


3. Breads


Included in the Foods to Avoid for Gout are breads. Even though a lot of people had switched into the consumption of wheat breads rather than white breads, this does not necessarily entail an effective diet choice. Though fiber and fewer carbohydrates are what people are generally in for as to choosing wheat breads, these bunds do not always do the trick when it comes to losing weight. Both white bread and wheat bread usually includes high fructose corn syrup content. A healthier alternative to this is by choosing whole grain breads.


4. Flavorings and Dressings



True enough, in the effort to embrace a healthy lifestyle, people decide on eating salads and adding more fruits in their meal program. The sad truth about this is that most low-fat salad dressings which are typically grabbed by many to add flavor to their healthy meal contains high fructose corn syrup content. Condiments such as ketchup and other sauces including that of fruit and vegetable dips are also packed with high fructose corn syrup filling. Refrain from eating jams and jellies as well and opt for a better choice of fresh or raw fruits in your diet.


5. Yogurt



Most people go for yogurt to assist them in their digestive disorders considering the probiotic content found in them. Unfortunately, most yogurts do contain high fructose corn syrup to act as artificial sweeteners as well as maintaining its flavor and the firmness of the fruit. This also helps in separating the liquid and solid mixtures of the food. Although it is promoted for its digestive capabilities, but due to its sugar content, it loses most of its benefits. A healthier alternative for this is to go for plain unsweetened yogurt. You can just add fruits for your flavoring or added taste.

Since gout problems attack in the most unlikely manner and timing, it is important for people who suffer in this disease to be extra careful as to the foods that they consume. See to it that they are not included in the Foods to Avoid for Gout. Moreover, remember that the list above speaks in its general sense which means that there are those which does not or contains only a very little amount of high fructose corn syrup. To further avoid this mistake, it is vital to never disregard reading the labels when picking out your food. For more information about gout and other helpful tips and advices, visit

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