9 Simple Cholesterol-Lowering Gout Busters

9 Simple Cholesterol-Lowering Gout Busters

We all know that too much cholesterol is very bad for our system, especially if you’re in your mid-60s, and sometimes obese and/or with high blood pressure. Too much cholesterol can also have risk for gout. Why gout, you say? Remember that gout is created when crystals begin to build up in the joints, most especially at the big toe? There’s also bad cholesterol that strays around the bloodstream, and it’s a bummer to have gout especially having high blood pressure, and also affects your kidneys. Now that’s a triple threat!

But worry no more, because these nine tips will help you get started on how to get rid of that bad cholesterol and won’t have to worry about. These contain the right advice, as well as the appropriate foods for gout diet. Here they are!

1. Get a goal.


source: sportskeeda.com

You really need to lower your cholesterol limit. But how low can you go? That would depend on genetics and all the risk you’ve had like smoking, alcohol, and weight condition. If the risk is too high, go for 70. If you’re on control level, make it below 130. If the cholesterol is too low, below 160 is already reasonable enough.

2. Set your meds.


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Another thing to be considered in your anti-bad cholesterol arsenal is the right type of medicine. Having a good lifestyle is good and all, but it just won’t cut it. You also need your usual gout-fighting meds, such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen. Most use statins, since they lower your bad cholesterol by 20%-50%.

3.Stay active.

Stay Active

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Besides the diet and the meds, staying active like exercising or just plain running or walking can release the bad cholesterol and increases the good cholesterol (yes, there is good cholesterol and yes, there is a God) by up to 10%. If it’s considered healthy to walk or run about 10,000 steps a day, then if you’re working from a desk, it pays to pace every five minutes an hour. Whatever the method always do it every day, so always have time prepared for that nightly jog or a night at the gym.

4. Stay away from the fat.

Stay Away from Fat

source: hcgtruediet.com

Everybody, even doctors, think that cholesterol comes from eggs. But egg is not that bad, in fact you can have it as foods for gout diet… well, maybe a little. Actually, it’s saturated fat, which comes from animal fat that increases cholesterol. So the next time you’re making omelettes, watch the butter. To cut your fat intake, try using olive oil, and cut back on the meat and eat some fish sometimes.

5. Fiber for your thoughts?

source: kidzshake.com

source: kidzshake.com

Fruits, vegetables, and whole grains famously known in the entire food pyramid as they antioxidants that are very healthy to the heart and most especially fiber that tunes up cholesterol level, thus a very important participant in foods for gout diet. Aside from acting like a broom that sweeps off toxin in the body, it also acts like a kitchen sponge soaking up all that cholesterol in your digestive system. Aside from wheat and oats, barley and dried beans are also good sources of fiber as well.

6. Your fishy friends.


source: allrecipes.com

If you don’t like fish ever since as a kid, then better recheck that because fish and the natural oils in it are an excellent source of Omega-3 that lowers cholesterol and triglyceride, therefore one of the important foods for gout diet. Whether it’s fresh salmon or even your average canned tuna at the supermarket, all fish is good fish (WARNING: Beware of red tide). Plant sources like soy, walnut, and canola also have Omega-3, but not as powerful and potent as the unfathomable fish.

7. (Green) “tea” off.

Green Tea

source: green-black.tea.com

Instead of all of those Cokes, Pepsis, and Dews, green tea is a better drink to gobble up with. Green tea always has natural compounds that help lower cholesterol and keep you healthy and fine.

8. Go nuts!


source: bbc.goodfood.com

Aside from having taurine that makes you smart, nuts can also help in lowering cholesterol as well. But being the fact that nuts are high in calories and are also an indomitable weapon for pimples, experts say to remember to little up with the nut job.

Guaranteed that these ways can help you fight back cholesterol-making gout, as well as choose foods for gout diet. Sure enough that these would help you in keeping you safe and healthy and also adding some extra few more years in to your lifespan. Happy healthy trails!


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