Health Alert: Gouty Arthritis Foods to Avoid

Gouty arthritis, or simply gout, afflicts a great number of people around the world. Because of the excruciating pain it brings, people with gout often choose to prevent any further attacks by undertaking measures to avoid it. Nowadays, gout sufferers are given varied options and means to address their problems with gout. Probably the easiest and most convenient way in achieving this is by observing certain lifestyle changes. One of which is consuming an appropriate diet and knowing which arthritis foods to avoid.

The following are suggestions based on an e-book written by a nurse. The information is reliable and useful. The arthritis foods to avoid include but are not limited to the ones mentioned in the succeeding sections of this article.

1. Bacon. It’s one of the most popular breakfast choices for most people. However, bacon should be avoided by people with gout because of it contains high amounts of purine. Also, it’s rich in sodium since it’s highly processed. This promotes urination which might lead to dehydration that can worsen gout.

2. Hot dogs. Whether hotdogs are from pork, beef or turkey, the fact still remains that they are not advisable for gout sufferers since they are rich in purine. Moreover, most hotdogs are added with organ meat which is known to contain excessive amounts of purine.

3. Poultry. Although chicken meat is a staple food for most people, it contains high levels of purine. Therefore, it should be avoided by people suffering from gout. Other people go as far as avoiding dishes with chicken flavour. However, this has not been proven to induce gout. But it’s better safe than sorry.

5. Certain Seafood. Certain kinds of seafood are included in arthritis foods to avoid. Some of this includes salmon, crabs, and lobsters just to name a few. In fact, salmon contains twice as much purine compared to chicken meat. Even though salmon contain omega 3, it’s still best to avoid consuming it. Supplements can be taken instead.

6. Alcoholic Beverages. Alcohol should be avoided by people suffering from gout since it contains high levels of purine. Also, it can cause injury to the kidneys when consumed excessively which will certainly worsen gout.

The arthritis foods to avoid listed above are just some of the foods gout sufferers need to stop consuming. The effectiveness of this type of diet can only be achieved if a person suffering from gout find the resolve and will to act on it. Observing this as soon as possible will lead to better outcomes.

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